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Nov 21, 2018

The word “greenhouse” brings to mind a few different ideas. Agriculture and growth, for starters. Protection from the cold. Glass walls. Glass ceilings.

Greenhouse also refers to a fundamental idea in climate science – the greenhouse effect. But did you know that the greenhouse effect was first discovered by a woman?

In this episode we’re telling the story of this discovery by geoscientist Eunice Foote, and we’re talking with some of the people and organizations that are promoting women in the geosciences.

Our guests are Mackenzie Cremeans, Ph.D. (Association of Women Geoscientists), Professor Collin Roesler, Ph.D. (Bowdoin College), and Heather Houlton (American Geosciences Institute).

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Joe and Railey


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Retired petroleum geologist Raymond Sorenson is credited with shedding new light on Eunice Foote’s story. Read his most recent paper, updated in 2018:

Listen to a July 2018 interview with Sorenson on the Science Friction podcast:

Dr. Collin Roesler, Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science at Bowdoin College:

Check out the American Geophysical Union’s podcast, Third Pod from the Sun. Available at or wherever you get your podcasts!


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