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Aug 24, 2018

Hurricane Lane marches towards Hawaii today, August 24. On this episode of audioEARTH, Joe and Railey talk to Bill Read, former director of the National Hurricane Center. Stay tuned to hear about hurricane forecasting, how Hawaii residents are preparing for the storm, and what we can expect in the upcoming days. 



Aug 15, 2018

A deadly bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy on Tuesday has politicians and engineers searching for a cause. Join us for this mini episode of audioEARTH as we talk about some of the most common causes of bridge failures.


Updates from the BBC:

Overview of bridge collapses with...

Aug 8, 2018

What if you were walking along the beach one day, and you discovered some footprints that could change our understanding of human evolution? On this episode of audioEARTH, Railey and Joe talk with Professor Per Ahlberg of the University of Uppsala, whose team did just that.


Link to the study: