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Sep 17, 2018

In this episode of audioEARTH, Joe and Railey speak with Max Van Wyk de Vries, who recently discovered a new volcanic province hidden beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Listen to find out how Max discovered these volcanoes and the implications of this new discovery. And stay tuned for a sneak peek at Education GeoSource – a curated database of earth science teaching resources – with AGI’s very own Celia Thomas!


Read about Max’s study: 

Link to Max’s study, "A new volcanic province: an inventory of subglacial volcanoes in West Antarctica" (published by The Geological Society of London and available through the Lyell Collection):

Bedmap2 – the inspiration for Max’s study:

Read about the region in France where Max grew up, recently named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

Read about a new high-resolution map of Antarctica in this 8 September 2018 article from Fortune:

Volcanoes page from AGI's Critical Issues Program:

Check out Education GeoSource (to launch later this month!):



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